Rf & Mw Air Coils

Precise Stripped Air Coil

Piconics Rf & Mw Air Coil Inductors are designed for high frequency applications in the RF, microwave and millimeter wave frequencies. High precision, tight tolerance construction methods and quality control give consistent, controlled performance. The tightest tolerance lead stripping on the market allows for repeatable mounting in to your system. Piconics offers chip mounted versions for ease of assembly, conformal coated coils for rugged environment applications. Our build your own Air Coil Ordering Code allows the designer to order the exact coil they need. Piconics RF & Mw Air Coils are used in a wide variety of commercial, military, test instrumentation and space applications. All coils have the ability to be upscreen tested for military and space applications.

 Rf & Microwave Air Coil Standard Products

Rf & Mw Air Coils
Series L (nH) Q Min* SRF Min GHz Style Data Sheet

MC Air Coil

MC 8-700 17 - 21 0.65 - 4.6 SMT Chip Mounted

S Series Air Coil

S 5-330 20 - 60 0.30 - 2.5 Self Leaded Epoxy Encapsulated

M Series Air Coil

M 10-700 17 - 29 1.0 - 28 Self Leaded

MG Series Air Coil

MG 11-700 12 - 23 1.0 - 25 Self Leaded
*Q is measured at the specified frequency and may not be the optimal frequency for the highest Q of the part

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Build Your Own
Wire Material Lead Finish
M = Copper Wire T = Tinned (.050 to .100 Of The Body Only)
MG = Gold Wire G = Gold plated to 100 uin*
MN = Nickel-Copper Alloy P = Tin Plate (.010 to .050)*
MK = 5-10 Micro-Inch Gold Plated Copper Wire S = Stripped
Insulation Type Stripping Dimension
H = High Temp (180 C Or Higher Thermal Class) 50 = Stripped within .050 inches of the coil body
S = Standard 155 C Thermal Class 25 = Stripped within .025 inches of the coil body
F = Solderable 105 C Thermal Class 10 = Stripped within .010 inches of the coil body*
00 = Stripped To the Body (up to 1/4 turn in)*
Lead Orientation Leave Blank if unstripped
R = Radial
O = Opposed *Minimum Qty Required for this Operation.
A = Axial
X = Special Axial