About Piconics

Piconics today is a world class supplier of inductors and micro-inductors for a wide variety of applications such as, space flight vehicles, military devices, avionics, industrial controls, and medical instrumentation, just to name a few.
Piconics was founded in 1963 by Stephen A. Slenker to realize and advance the benefits of miniaturizing electronic components, especially for the space and military communities.

Piconics has enjoyed a rich and famed legacy almost since inception. The first major success for the company was the Apollo Space Flight Program. Piconics contributed a design for a critical phase comparator transformer for the program. The many innovative successes since then, have resulted in many patents for company, a cover story in the Electronics Magazine, and recognition from our key customers. As part of our history, Piconics ran a successful and a creative operation manufacturing cutting edge, “hard to fabricate,” film circuits from 1969 to 2008. Piconics retired the film division in June of 2008.

Today, Piconics keeps the innovative spirit alive by continuing to work with industry leaders in microelectronics, our world-class customer base, as well as institutions of higher learning, like Harvard University, MIT, Cornell, University of Michigan, and University of Massachusetts. The Engineering team at Piconics continues the philosophy of promoting and innovating miniature electronics.

With our fully equipped and integrated on-site machine shop, Electrical & Enviromental Test Labs, our innovative spirit, and creative capabilities, we truly are a one stop shop for all of your engineering prototypes, highly specialized products and services, and just about any custom winding that can be imagined. Piconics produces chip-style inductors, traditional air core microwave inductors, tunable inductors, toroids, through-hole packaged inductors, and our flagship product: the conical inductor, as both, a bare component, or in a pick-and-place housing for surface mount assembly.

Piconics is an ISO 9001:2008 certified manufacturer. Our military products meet MIL-PRF-15305 and MIL-PRF-83446 standards. We maintain a lengthy portfolio of QPL products as well. All of our products are manufactured in our 20,000 square-foot facility in Tyngsboro Massachusetts, and we procure our metals from foundries in the United States.

Whatever your needs in inductors and toroids, chances are we can supply a solution for you. We take pride in being able to say “We can customize a solution for you!” We ARE your best source for inductor products.